work with a business partner that never stops working

We set up all of our NKD Pizza franchisees with a powerful and intuitive platform that runs your online presence for you.

it all starts
with content

An online presence is essential for opening a new franchise, growing online, and keeping customers engaged. You get all the benefits of the NKD Pizza brand, including awareness and photography, we also offer local photoshoots to highlight what makes your local franchise and neighbourhood special. These photos are the foundation for your franchise’s online presence.


a modern website and
app for digital-first

NKD’s new mobile-first website puts our brand head-and-shoulders above the competition. The behaviour e of this new site is an immersive ordering experience where customers can visually customize their pizzas. The website and app can make smart recommendations based on popularity, customer behaviour, and artificial intelligence. These innovations increase order sizes and turn more browsers into customers at a franchise level. All of this means if your local customers love one kind of pizza over another, more of your customers will hear about it.

the power of
customer data,

In addition to being a part of the NKD Pizza website and app, your franchise is given access to its personal dashboard for tracking orders, viewing customer data, and uncovering trends. NKD Pizza’s dashboard captures countless data points that allow for simple segmentation and pattern recognition to improve every part of your franchise’s business.

Data on a Touch Pad

At a business level, the dashboard tracks:

Busy days

Most popular menu items

Customer demographic (gender, age, income etc.)

At a customer level, the dashboard tracks:

How often they visit

How much they spend on average

Their favourite dishes

the more data points we track, the nimbler your franchise is.

That’s why we don’t just source data from the website, but also social media and marketing. Data isn’t only about improving the business; it’s about improving a customer’s experience with relevant social media posting and marketing pushes.

social media management & prompt customer service

While the NKD Pizza website is our new online home, customers spend their time online all over the place. We make sure your franchise’s presence is felt on the most popular social networks, review sites, and information centres online. The social media team post local, relevant content regularly, interacts with your audience and gets customers excited about your franchise.


best-in-class marketing

Every franchise has its regulars, their walk-ins, and their busy times. Our technology analyzes existing customers for each franchise to find similar ones online through advanced targeting techniques. With the power of the latest technologies, eye-catching creative, and customer data, marketing turns passive browsers into real customers. Your franchise’s sophisticated marketing program is designed to drive awareness and engagement no matter where customers go online with relevant messaging.

why synchronize
website, app, social
media & marketing?

Fusing all parts of your online business improves every individual aspect by amplifying their effectiveness. Knowing what customers do on your website informs the kind of social media content created and what’s pushed through marketing. What customers like on social media, click on in marketing, and when/how often they order and reserve lets you know which dishes to keep on the menu, what times to schedule more staff, and so much more. Everything works better when it works together.

Analysing Data
Customer Service

our teams, on-call for your franchise

Our strategic partner is your online engine. Their services are always working to generate more orders, more followers, and more business for your franchise. When you need extra support, you’ve got it. For any questions or concerns, there is a quick-response team ready to help.